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Life Force Healing

Life Force Healing is a remarkable treatment designed to restore the natural flow of energy (life force) within you to enable the body to harmonise & repair itself.


You remain fully clothed, relaxing on a couch or chair whilst Jo uses her hands to sense the disturbed patterns in the energy field flowing through you. Her hands then reflect the disturbed energy back to you, thus enabling your body to correct itself at a fundamental level.

Life Force HealingLife Force Healing focuses on your own individual unique energy and does not channel or impose external energy into your system, thus after a treatment you are always left still feeling intrinsically ‘you’. It can offer help to you in many ways, whether your challenge is physical or emotional, an old energy constriction from unresolved events in your life, or preventative care – dealing with the little blips whilst they are still little, before they get to escalate & have a more noticeable impact on your system.


So if you are feeling a little chaotic, run down or imbalanced right now, give Inner Light Holistics a call on 07811 406398 & let your system get the support it is asking for.

Jo gives in person appointments in Durley, Hampshire, UK and also works via telephone, email or proxy/surrogate for the rest of the world.

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