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Reflexology is as old as time - an ancient healing art that restores the energy flow to the body's many different systems, organs and glands.  Acupressure points on the feet or hands corresponding to specific areas of your body highlight where there is harmony and where there is disharmony in your body-mind-emotional system.

Reflexology is the ultimate way to put your feet up. Jos intuitive hands work their magic with a combination of specific pressure techniques and rhythmical massage over the reflex points on the feet and ankles, bringing about a feeling of peace, calm and balance.

Whilst your mind and body are soothed and pampered, your body's own healing is stimulated to restore its natural equilibrium and harmony, leaving you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.



Reflexology, Durley, Hampshire


Reflexology, Durley, HampshireThere is nothing like a luxurious reflexology treatment to give you more energy and to keep your immune system in tip top condition over the autumn and winter months.

Book your appointment today and see how good it can make you feel.

Jo gives in person appointments in Durley, Hampshire, UK and also works via telephone, email or proxy/surrogate for the rest of the world.

Jo Helesfay-Evans 2010

Contact Jo on 07811 406398 or email