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I have been back from France since Monday, and have noticed a huge huge shift. I am very sure this is mainly to do with our sessions together and wanted to let you know!  I seem to have let go of lots of fears, and am feeling a natural sense of energy, clarity and fearlessness.

M. London


Resonance Repatterning® is an amazing experience that can take you from the depths of despair into a calm, reassured and empowered state where you feel confident that you have dealt with a repetitive problem for the last time and that new and good times lie ahead.


Jo is an extraordinary therapist – intuitive, reassuring, professional and very gifted, she can quickly assess what is required and will always throw light onto a situation, empowering you to make positive change.

KJ, Aromatherapist, Kent


Thank you, the session was fantastic.  I am really blown away by what we did. I cannot tell you how wonderful your work with Resonance Repatterning is. Amazing!

ML, London, Yoga Teacher & Spiritual Workshop Leader


Resonance Repatterning has helped me to discover the real me and she is so much more confident than the person I was hiding behind.  I no longer feel I have to be the person others expect me to be – I can be my real self!

It has given me the strength to confront many of the issues that have lived with me for a long time and this has enabled me to get on with my life  and no longer  be overshadowed by the past. A session is like 2 years counselling - without  having to go into nearly as much detail.

JT, Teacher, Sussex 


I have had Resonance Repatterning twice from Jo and would recommend her to anyone and everyone! Jo works in a subtle way, and helps clear specific issues. I have had two issues practically removed from my mind in as far as they no longer worry me or cause me emotional pain in any way.

Jo is a lovely person and loves to help people. She is funny and I trust her completely. Thank you Jo!

Cheryl, Kent 


I can’t remember ever having a good night's sleep in my life!  I have always been one to wake in the early hours of the morning and I just resigned myself to the fact that I would not return to sleep.

After one session of Resonance Repatterning®  I now know what a good night's sleep feels like and feel I can cope with any traumas life throws at me.

Housewife & Mum from Kent


Thank you so much for the RR session on Tuesday, it was amazing!

I feel really different and I am reacting and behaving differently.  The results have been fantastic!

DMO. Therapist, Middlesex


I have had 2 sessions of Resonance Repatterning with Jo. The first time I didn't really know what to expect, but that session created such a release of tension in my life. It was quite incredible and freeing.

My second session was more complex and complicated but I felt Jo was guiding me in her compassionate way. Jo has an incredible intuitive ability.

SS, London, Massage Therapist




I have had a colour therapy treatment from Jo and found her uncannily accurate and intuitive. She was very calming and I found it really useful and informative. She knows what she is doing and does it with a great deal of respect and compassion. She is very much recommended!

CT, Maidstone




I had a massage from Jo and found it really beneficial. Jo made me feel very relaxed as I was nervous! I needn't have been as she was very sympathetic. I slept like a log afterwards and would definitely book her again. I have recommended her to friends.

CE, Clairvoyant, kent




Jo has an incredible psychic/intuitive ability, she is so spot on it is truly amazing. I am grateful for having her in my life.

SS, Massage Therapist

Jo gives in person appointments in Durley, Hampshire, UK and also works via telephone, email or proxy/surrogate for the rest of the world.

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Contact Jo on 07811 406398 or email